Manufacturing and trading of vehicles and their parts

In the activities of the MAVEX-REKORD Ltd is the repair, sale and rental of freight and tank cars. Its biggest domestic partner is MOL Nyrt. The company has contact with all MÁV repair shops, and abroad with the Czech, Romanian and Slovakian repair shops and product manufacturers as well. Previously, the main activity was the manufacture of truck parts, now its decreased. The production of our own products is running in Diósgyőr.

MAVEX-REKORD Ltd has a wide range of products, we have more than 10 thousand parts per wagon. It distributes up to 50 products. We have also delivered rails for MÁV and BKV between 1998 and 2007. To some extent, the company does stockpiling.


  • Parts of the bogie
    • Solid wheels
    • Axle
    • Wheelsets
    • Rims
  • Parts for buffers
  • Alkaline accumulator
  • Tachometer scripts
  • Parts for electric lighting
  • Motoric parts
  • Engines, engine parts

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