Repair of railway brakes

MAVEX-REKORD Ltd repairs KE braking valves for MÁV Zrt and its companies and for neighboring countries since 2004. In recent years, the repair was carried out over 10 thousand braking valves.

The repair is based on the technical instructions relating to the valve type and the documentation specified by the MSZ ISO 9001:2009 quality control system. After the previous mechanical cleaning, the components are individually cleaned, then provided with surface protection. The repair of the parts is based on the drawings designed by Knorr-Bremse and confirmed by the representatives of MÁV. After the assembly the control valves are tested with digital charts for tightness and function.

The repaired brake valves are provided with an individual identification stating the date of repair. Depending on the wishes of the customer the warranty time lasts for a year or two. The functional diagrams are saved by a closed computer system and continuously archived for 10 years.

The type of braking valves repaired by MAVEX-REKORD Ltd are:

  • KE0aSL(E/1)
  • KE0adSL(E3/5)
  • KE0aM-SL 8"
  • KE1a/3,8-SL
  • KE1c-SL
  • KE1aM-SL
  • KE1ad-SL
  • KE2a/3,8-SL-AL
  • KE2aSL-ALD
  • KE2c-SL-AL
  • KE2aSL-ALB/d... (about 100 type variations)
  • RLV11/d... and RLV12 load brake valves

The repair shop of MAVEX-REKORD Ltd is able to repair other types of Knorr braking systems and OERLIKON-type braking systems.

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